Focused on Forensic Psychiatric Support


Loretta A. Fox Ph.D., QME

Dr. Loretta Fox has been a forensic psychologist with the Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC) since 1995. At BPC she performs independent medical evaluations and record reviews of short- and long-term disability cases.

Dr. Fox also has extensive experience in the treatment and evaluation of individuals suffering from and alleging a wide-range of psychological disorders as a consequence of workplace injuries.

As a highly experienced expert, Dr. Fox specializes in employment law, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, racial discrimination, personal injury, post-traumatic, stress disorder and fitness for duty. She also is an expert in the areas of workers’ compensation, disability and treatment.

Dr. Fox received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Psychological Studies Institute in Palo Alto, California.

Dr. Fox’s Curriculum Vitae