Focused on Forensic Psychiatric Support


Comprehensive Expertise and Experience

Clinicians Who Specialize in Long-Term Disability

Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC) is qualified and experienced in all aspects of long-term disability. The BPC clinical staff works closely with insurance companies, law firms and employers to provide expert analysis throughout California and the United States.

Selected clinicians who specialize in long-term disability are trained to emphasize a comprehensive understanding of the medical and legal issues specific to disability claims. To meet the expanding needs of the disability marketplace, BPC expanded its clinical practice to include case/peer and utilization review services.

BPC provides long-term disability evaluations for claims of psychiatric disability caused by illness or trauma. The basis for evaluating the claim is comprehensive diagnostic interviews to develop a complete evaluation of the claimant’s medical, personal and occupational history.

Using a tested rating of disability that is culled from detailed behavioral data, BPC has developed a model that is widely emulated throughout the disability insurance community. Additionally, BPC has extensive experience in providing IME services with evidence-based determinations on an employee’s ability to return to work for STD & LTD carriers and FMLA administrators.

BPC psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists are credentialed as expert reviewers with a number of key independent review organizations.

Utilizing all of these tools, BPC experts determine an accurate and fair-minded assessment of appropriate treatment and medical necessity.