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Workers’ Compensation

Offering a Full-Range of Compensation Services

Workers’ Compensation: AME and QME Evaluations

The Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC) provides a comprehensive, full-range of workers’ compensation services to insurance companies, law firms and self-insured employers.

The BPC clinical staff has completed an extensive training program that emphasizes a thorough understanding of the AOE/COE issues involved in the California Workers’ Compensation system.

With extensive experience and expertise in providing qualified medical examinations (QME), agreed medical examinations (AME), and independent medical evaluations (IME) and treatment evaluations, BPC provides clear, relatable and timely reports.

During the evaluation process, clinicians document opinions and ratings with evidence that is based on behavioral and objective sources. Following that, the clinician specifies what information the attorneys could develop that would potentially impact the findings. Reporting on the case in this objective way has been found to be extremely helpful to all parties.

In fact, BPC is often told by attorneys that this approach has been effective in reducing the number of depositions required and the feeling that all parties are fairly treated.

Neuropsychological Evaluation
Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC) offers neuropsychological assessments which are an important tool in the medical/legal field because this objective evaluation can uncover key quantitative and qualitative data to support or refute the presence of a brain injury.

Plaintiff and defense attorneys, judges and juries are often faced with questions concerning whether and to what extent and individual has suffered a brain injury warranting monetary compensation, rehabilitation or other benefits.

We can provide important information regarding the effects of the injury on a person’s life and family, their everyday functioning and their ability to return to work and function effectively in the future.

Trauma Treatment

In cases of industrial trauma, Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC) first provides a thorough initial evaluation for psychiatric trauma patients. The history of the injury is thoroughly reviewed, along with current emotional symptoms and pre-existing biopsychosocial functioning. All available records are reviewed in detail, and psychological testing is administered. When the BPC evaluator determines that the patient is indeed suffering from an industrial psychiatric injury, a detailed treatment plan is formulated, and any necessary work restrictions/limitations are determined.

BPC attempts to ensure that patients are placed into appropriate treatment as close as possible to their home or workplace, with fully licensed, credentialed mental health professionals, who have been selected and screened by BPC for their ability to treat industrial psychiatric disorders.  Upon the completion of treatment, BPC, when appropriate, will conduct a thorough permanent and stationary evaluation, to assess issues such as whether maximum medical improvement has been reached, permanent disability status, apportionment, and future treatment needs.