Focused on Forensic Psychiatric Support


Jill Klausman Torres Ph.D. QME

Dr. Jill Klausman Torres has been a clinical psychologist with Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC) since 2011 where she specializes in fitness for duty evaluations, pre surgical psychological clearances, long term disability and personal injury cases. She has provided expert witness testimony in depositions on both civil and work compensation cases. Dr. Torres has extensive knowledge of psychopharmacology and psychopathology.

In addition to her work at BPC, Dr. Torres maintains her private practice in Agoura Hills where she is primarily focused on individuals with trauma, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, social phobias and post-traumatic stress. Dr. Torres provides therapy focusing on cognitive behavioral, systematic desensitization-exposure therapy, mindfulness training, cognitive restructuring, and relaxation.

For many years, Dr. Torres served as Clinical Director and School Psychologist were she was responsible for administrative and clinical issues and classroom management services. She trained psychologists, evaluators and oversaw parent groups and professional development for staff. Prior to this, Dr. Torres provided therapy for foster children and families with histories of physical, sexual, drug/alcohol abuse and behavioral problems.

Dr. Torres received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Michigan and both her Masters and Ph.D from Hofstra University.

Dr. Jill Klausman Torres Curriculum Vitae